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IMA Acts as Authorised Information & Admission Center For Various UGC Recognised Indian Universities and International Partnering Universities
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Why IMA ?
All Program offered by IMA through various universities will give you the opportunity to develop a range of highly valued professional skills and a competitive edge in your career.
Mostly the kind of skill-sets that an employer looks for are most commonly found in professional courses offered by us.

Personal Growth:
All professional courses / Program offered are with a perspective which enables you to relate to the entire business environment within which you may operate. You will be able to understand the impact of various decisions and play a significant role in them. The professional course will also help you understand business sufficiently to plan your own career and entrepreneurial moves successfully. And, of course, a more rewarding life, a better set of peers and recognition by society are sources of additional satisfaction.

Continuous Learning:
Nowadays Distance learning Programs have tremendous learning opportunity. It will allow you to update your knowledge and skills significantly. The knowledge you acquire needs constant upgradation. And the learning methodology in the distance learning provides you with a mechanism to seek comprehend and internalize knowledge on a continuing basis.

Career Progression:
In most professional organizations, the senior managers are usually trained in management areas. There are more opportunities for management trained personnel than for almost any other functional qualification. Our Programs will provide a quantum jump in career progression.
Generally the Distance learning MBA Program with its general management focus and the blend of Indian and International perspective will be your key competitive advantage as you enter the fiercely competitive business environment. It will help you move ahead of the pack and allow you accelerated access to senior management positions.

The courses offered by IMA are of good for:-
Fresh graduates or students pursuing academic studies who wish to seek an entry into the industry but cannot afford full time programs due to financial or any other constraints.
Those who are already employed in an industry without any professional qualification, but wish to acquire a widely recognized professional degree in his/her chosen field of study to further their career.
Those who are already working in the industry and want to have additional qualifications for the role rotation or for a better and upward rise in the industry.
Those who are already working with the industry but aspire to move into a managerial cadre.
Personnel from the Armed Forces who want to rehabilitate themselves after retirement in the managerial or supervisory positions.

Those aspiring to join as Management Trainee, Manager, Sales Executive, Business Manager, Customer Brokers, Import-Export Agents, Wholesalers, Freight Forwarders, Product Manager, C&F agent of reputed Export House/Pharmaceutical Companies, Managers / Administrators in Finance, Tourist or Health Care Sectors etc. or start one's own business.

Growth is what we cater too?

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