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IMA Acts as Authorised Information & Admission Center For Various UGC Recognised Indian Universities and International Partnering Universities


1) Student: RIGVEDITA MAHURKAR Course: M.A- SOCIOLOGY Country: INDIA - AHMEDABAD Appreciation: Thank you very much for the information. I really liked your treatment and the way of guiding. Will get back to u on Friday, the 20th of April 2012. IMA is rated as one of the best distance learning institutes in the country according to me.

2) Student: NAGALAKSHMI MN Course: MBA- ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Country: INDIA - BANGALORE Pass out year: MARCH - 2012 Appreciation: I am very much satisfied with Service provided from IMA from admission to alumni, and I would love to fill in feedback form for you if available. I thank the team of IMA for timely and helpful guidance and support provided by them during my entire course period.

3) Student: ANIL ULLOR (ANIL KUMAR R) Course: BACHELORS OF TECHNOLOGY - MECHANICAL Country: INDIA - KERELA Pass out year: JANUARY – 2012 Appreciation: I would like to Thank whole team of IMA, for kind support and guidance and timely update provided to me during my course.

4) Student: MUKESH GANDERI Course: DIPLOMA IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Country: INDIA - KERELA Pass out year: JANUARY – 2012 Appreciation: I am very happy and satisfied by kind of support and guidance provided by IMA during the entire course period. I got a very good opportunity to work in a well known company after completing engineering from IMA.

5) Student:Raymond NG Course: DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & MANAGEMENT Country: SINGAPORE Pass out year: JANUARY -2012 Appreciation: This is a testimonial of a great support role which Indian Management Academy had played during the entire journey of the PhD process. You had demonstrated the highest level of ethics and professionalism. In the days ahead, I wish you well and look forward to more meaningful partnership. Warmest Regards to all, Dr Raymond Keng Wan Ng

6) Student: Yusuf Mohamad Daud Course: DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY- SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Country: NORTH EASTERN KENYA Pass out year: MARCH -2012 Appreciation: I really appreciate the support and assistance provided by team of IMA, during my journey of successfully completing my MBA course. Thanks for never ending support.

7) Student: Pankaj Thanvi: Course: MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Country: INDIA - GUJARAT Pass out year: DECEMBER -2011 Appreciation: Thanks to IMA for support and help to fulfill my dream of completing my DOCTORATE degree. It has always been pleasure coordinating with team IMA for every activity and step to move towards completion of my course.

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