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IMA Acts as Authorised Information & Admission Center For Various UGC Recognised Indian Universities and International Partnering Universities
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Online Education Mode
This mode is similar to the e-Correspondence mode mentioned above. This mode comes with certain additional features for those students who have access to the internet.

Features of Online Mode
» Interactive study material in Electronic format (CBT, WBT)
» Access to Virtual classroom for interaction with faculty through
       - Chat
       - Discussion Forum
       - e-mail
       - File Sharing
       - Announcements
       - Newsletter
» Access to LMS on the website
» Access to Online library for online journals, e-books and tutorials
» Student teacher interaction through one week optional Personal Contact Programme (PCP) per semester

Flexibility - Online courses offer students the chance to participate in classes on their own schedule. You may connect from your home or office, reducing the amount of time you spend traveling.

Choice - Offering online courses allows us to give you more choices. For instance, a course may not be able to attract enough students at any one location to offer it, but can when students from all those locations are added together.

Access - Online courses allow us to serve students who live too far away to attend face to face courses. It also offers all our students the opportunity to be taught by excellent instructors whose location or schedules preclude attendance at local weekly class meetings.

Realize the benefits of the web - The unique nature of the web, including hypertext and multimedia, offer new ways of presenting course material and allowing students to interact with it that can improve student understanding.

Web Delivered - Courses are taught completely over the internet and primarily through a website.

Regular Term - Online courses follow the normal academic schedule for each term. They are not self paced. All registered students proceed through the course as a group.

Asynchronous - While students proceed through the course as a group, participation requirements are almost entirely asynchronous. Any synchronous activities will be optional, and students who cannot attend at a particular time will be able to view the interactions at a later date.

Collaborative - Students will communicate online with their instructor and each other, in some cases working in teams on group projects. The courses are designed to foster active and collaborative learning and use an interactive style of problem solving that improves student understanding and retention.

Time Requirements - The workload in online courses is comparable to courses that meet face to face. The participation requirements, however, are often distributed more evenly throughout the week.

Initial Instructions -
Login IDs and initial participation instructions will be delivered to students by email prior to the first day of the term. For this reason, it is important that students supply a current email address when registering for online courses.
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