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IMA Acts as Authorised Information & Admission Center For Various UGC Recognised Indian Universities and International Partnering Universities
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Industry Collaboration or Industry Integrated

Distance Education simply means imparting education from a distance. The teacher and the student are physically separated in this system of education. And Industry Collaborative Education is regular education with real – time industry exposure. IMA offers many Distance Education programs and Industry Integrated programs from various Indian and foreign universities as part of its effort to provide education to the students who for various reasons cannot join the formal education stream. Various courses starting from undergraduate, postgraduate & research courses are on offer.

Industry Collaborative Education is most contemporary noble concept as a means of continuing education for employed professionals as part of the human resource development programmes of specific organizations. For the conduct of Industry Collaborative Education programmes, the basic requirement is the participation of the collaborative organization by extending physical and other facilities and by agreeing to integrate their work requirements with the academic requirements of the University for the Pursuit of the degree programme.

Regular Education
  • Regular / conventional education is an effective tool of teaching students in classrooms throughout the year.
  • Regular education is a combination of classroom teaching and self studies of students are not provided any opportunity to undergo any Industrial training or apply the theoretical basis of their studies in practical life.
  • This type of education sometimes proves wastage of time for more than 50% of students, as students leaves the field after study.

Industry Collaborative Education
  • In addition to regular education, Students obtain Industrial / professional exposure as a part of curriculum.
  • Industry Collaborative Education is emphasis on Classroom Training, self-learning and the pedagogy attempts to incorporate as many modern technologies as desirable. Students are provided an opportunity to apply all their theoretical knowledge into practical field with the help of industrial Collaboration.
  • Industry Collaborative Education is more focused and proven track record of successful generation of more than 95% students in the same profession.

Industry Collaborative Education is most contemporary noble concept which integrates education with industry. Here students are working in the same industry of the program they are pursuing. The biggest advantage of Industry Collaborative Education over distance education and conventional education is that students are getting theoretical and professional knowledge at the same time of study only. Where as in conventional and distance education programs, Students are required to spend 3-4 years in obtaining similar level of professional knowledge after their studies. So it is clear that Industry Collaborative Education students are more professional compare to the students of conventional/distance education. The students of Industry Collaborative Education proceed fast in profession.
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